Artist Aimee Stewart - 750-Piece Adult Panorama Puzzle - Birds

This gorgeous, 750-piece panoramic puzzle features artwork by acclaimed artist Aimee Stewart. Manufactured on premium quality blue board, the Milton Bradley line of Cardinal Puzzles piece together effortlessly to craft artistic wonders. Our specially designed puzzles ensure every piece is different and fits tightly. Durable thick pieces snap into place making for a most satisfying build. The matte finish cuts down on glare and gives a picture-perfect finish. Use the included box easel to display the puzzle box top as reference, while the resealable storage bag keeps your pieces securely in one place. Measures 11" x 34" when complete.


  • Durable pieces snap into place making for a most satisfying build
  • Great for framing
  • 750 pieces for a challenging yet satisfying build
  • Measures 11" x 34" when complete


  • 750 puzzle pieces
  • cardboard easel
  • resealable storage bags

More Info

  • Category: Adult_Puzzles
  • Players:
  • Age: 4